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IR 35 review and how to stay out

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IR35 EMPLOYMENT VERSUS CONTRACTING In this article we will detail some tips on how to stay outside IR35 but it is also worth reviewing the benefits of permanent employment versus contracting. You may read the statement from Contractor websites that “To stay outside IR35 is crucial for the financial health of contractors”.   That statement is […]

Claiming mileage on private and company vehicles

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It is worth a recap on this subject as the rules can be confusing.   Employees and employers alike can get very confused about the rules on what they can claim and what they can’t claim.    So let’s review the rules for claiming mileage allowance on business travel for both privately owned and company owned vehicles.   […]

Self Employed Income Support Scheme

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The scheme announced by the chancellor will provide grants to self-employed individuals or partnerships who are negatively impacted by COVID-19.    The grants are worth 80% of profits but up to a cap of £2,500. To be eligible for the scheme you must meet all the criteria below: You must be self-employed or a member of […]

Covid 19 – Government Support

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VAT Deferral main points HMRC Defers Valued Added Tax (VAT) payments for 3 months. All VAT-registered UK businesses are eligible. The deferral will only apply for the period from 20 March 2020 until 30 June 2020. This will mean the deferral of one quarter’s VAT due on either the 7 April, 7 May or 7 […]

Car Leasing or Purchasing – Archive 2018


Is it tax efficient to purchase or lease a carthrough the business? This is a complex area and there are several factors to consider. But as a general rule, unless the car has very low CO2 emissions or can be classed as 100% business, it is unlikely that it would be beneficial running the car […]

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