Many small businesses (SMEs) have a bookkeeper and/or small accounts team and a firm of statutory accountants to prepare year end submissions. However, what is often missing is the Finance Manager (FM) role providing strategic guidance and sound business advice and reporting. For many SMEs it is simply not cost-effective to hire an in-house Finance Manager but the VFM function is the perfect cost solution. The addition of a VFM adds a layer of guidance to the in-house accounts team and provides strategic guidance and direction for the business.

The Finance Manager will work alongside your accounts team on a limited number of days per month and your business will pay a fixed monthly fee. A huge saving over an in-house FM. Additionally, you will have the added benefit of a qualified accountant as part of your team adding real value to the business. The VFM will provide:

  • Financial & Management Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Advisory
  • Ad Hoc Reporting & Costing Analysis

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