The tax law regarding non-resident British Nationals is complex and changes made to the April 2013 budget means that claiming non residency and exemption from UK tax is no longer straight forward. Before April 2013 you may have been classed as non-resident but now you may not. To be non-resident for tax purposes in the UK now depends on several tests and living abroad does not necessarily mean that you are non-resident and exempt from UK tax. Individual circumstances can vary considerably and need to be reviewed on their own merit.

We at Tax Compute will offer the right professional advice to avoid any misinterpretation and ensure that you are fully tax compliant and gain the maximum tax benefits and allowances.

For non-residents we can assist in:

  • Advising on UK property rental income and other income subject to UK tax and ensuring tax efficiency.
  • Non-resident status
  • Completing your non-resident tax returns.
  • Applying for refunds from prior tax years.
  • Advising on double taxation treaties
  • Advising on the tax consequences of leaving and returning to the UK.