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Young people aged 16-24 who are on universal credit will be offered a six-month work placement with wages paid by the government. 

Young people aged 16-24 who are on universal credit will be offered a six-month work placement with wages paid by the government. Young people taking part in the scheme will receive on-the-job training, skills development and mentoring.  This will help them develop their skill base and start a future successful career.   The scheme launch comes as companies like Tesco pledge to sign up.    The scheme is part of the Plan for Jobs announced during Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s July Summer Economic Update and was launched on September 2nd this year

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said:

“This isn’t just about kick-starting our country’s economy – it is an opportunity to kick-start the careers of thousands of young people who could otherwise be left behind as a result of the pandemic.  The scheme will open the door to a brighter future for a new generation and ensure the UK bounces back stronger as a country.  The government will fully fund each “Kickstart” job – paying 100% of the age-relevant National Minimum Wage, National Insurance and pension contributions for 25 hours a week”.

Employers will be able to top up this wage, while the government will also pay employers £1500 to set up support and training for people on a Kickstart placement, as well as helping pay for uniforms and other set up costs. The scheme will give young people, the opportunity to build their skills in the workplace and to gain valuable experience.   Businesses of all sizes looking to create quality jobs for young people can apply and there is no cap on the number of places.

The scheme, will be run by the Department for Work and Pensions and will be open until December 2021, with the option of being extended.  The government is urging businesses to get involved in this innovative scheme and take advantage of the enormous pool of potential out there.

To help smaller businesses, employers offering fewer than 30 placements will be asked to make a bid through an intermediary, such as a Local Authority or Chamber of Commerce, who will then bid for 30 or more placements as a combined bid from several businesses. This will make the process easier and less labour intensive to apply for these smaller companies who only want to hire one or two Kick-starters.

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