Company accounts filing – don’t be late…

It’s the directors’ responsibility to file their company’s accounts, and make sure they’re filed on time. It’s important to understand your role and how late filing could affect your company.

Missing your filing deadline could affect your credit score or access to finance. It can affect how others view your company and whether they want to do business with you. There are also financial penalties and legal consequences – you could get a criminal record, a fine or disqualification.

If you employ an accountant to file your company’s accounts, it’s still your responsibility, as director, to make sure they’re filed on time.

Over 65% of companies use software filing as their preferred method.

There are a variety of software providers who offer a range of accounting packages to prepare and file accounts. Most types of accounts can be filed using software, depending on the functionality of the software package you’re using.

If you file using the Companies House online services, you will be sent an email to confirm safe receipt. You will also be sent a further email when your accounts are registered at Companies House.

Company accounts need to be filed nine months after the accounting year end.

Which means before the end of December 2023 you will need to file accounts with a year end of 31 March 2023.

And on or before the 1 January 2024, you will need to pay any Corporation Tax due for the same year, to 31 March 2023.

Source:Other | 04-12-2023
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