R & D

If you are making a claim under the R&D Tax Relief Scheme make sure that you appoint well-established and reputable advisors to advise and guide you through the process.   We work with and recommend May Figure Ltd whose principals have successfully filed over 2000 claims across a range of sectors.  

The R&D Tax Relief Scheme provides tax relief and cash injections for UK companies undertaking Research & Development. Whether profitable or loss making you can claim tax relief of between 24% and 33% of your expenditure, both internal and contracted-out. Claims are submitted as part of your annual tax return, supported by a technical report setting out how the company meets the criteria. If you have not yet claimed, you can go back two years. The process is efficient and the refund can be used in any way within the business (unlike a grant).

For more information contact Julia May FCA CTA BEng (Hons) at May Figures Ltd for a no-obligation discussion: 



Telephone: 07810 124799.