Remove the stress and cost of maintaining a full in-house payroll department by outsourcing all or some of your payroll requirements to Tax Compute. Our team will keep your books and records up to date, accurate and ensure timely completion of all tasks. We will take care of all HMRC submissions too, offering comprehensive outsourced payroll services available in London. Let us take the strain away from you with a number of available payroll service options tailored to meet your business needs. We provide from specific monthly payroll services to a complete management of all functions. Our outsourced payroll services are competitively priced and cost effective. Those who know Tax Compute, use Tax Compute.

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What we do

Outsourcing your payroll is an excellent start in streamlining your business and removing the stress and burden of payroll administration.   We will fully manage your payroll and ensure:

  1. Administration of all coding notices from HMRC.
  2. Work to agreed timetables and respond to queries in a timely manner.
  3. Submit electronic submissions to HMRC.
  4. Reconcile your input data and set up/advise on tailoring spreadsheets for payroll input.
  5. Ensure holiday pay and overtime is calculated correctly.
  6. Calculate starter and leaver adjustments.
  7. Check and verify the payroll’s accuracy before we submit for your approval.
  8. Prepare BACS files for all your payments and send them to you for authorisation
  9. Produce bespoke monthly/quarterly management reports tailored to your specific requirements.
  10. Issue electronic payslips or sealed payslips if preferred.
  11. Prepare P45s for all leavers
  12. Prepare all year-end documentation and submit electronically to HMRC

In addition to the above we can manage your P11D reporting requirements and where appropriate work with HMRC for P11d dispensation.


The benefits of outsourcing your payroll

When you Outsource your payroll with Tax-Compute we will fully manage all the obligations surrounding payroll for your business from start to finish, a complete 100% payroll service.  We will provide a stress-free total management solution that meets all your needs.

We provide:

  1. A cost-effective solution.
  2. Flexible payroll solution that is right for you.
  3. Risk free and enhanced accuracy and legal compliance.
  4. An end to internal software licences.
  5. No payroll department to manage internally.  
  6. Ours is a complete outsourced payroll service offering you all of the benefits of a payroll department but without the:

    The overheads or responsibility.

  7. Specialist team backed by qualified accountants.
  8. Greater security.


Cheltenham:      01242 241998

Hammersmith:  020 7118 4422

Email:                info@taxcompute.co.uk

benefits of a ltd company cheltenham


Minimum fee £30

1-20 employees £6/payslip

21-40 employees £5.50/payslip

41-Upwards £5/payslip


Additional fees apply for P11d preparation


Cheltenham:      01242 241998

Hammersmith:  020 7118 4422

Email:                info@taxcompute.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outsourced payroll service?

An outsourced payroll service is a payroll service which is managed and run by a 3rd party instead of being carried out in-house.  The outsourced payroll provider is responsible for all payroll and manages the whole process from start to finish.

How do I move to an outsourced payroll service?

Visit our website and contact us at our London, Cheltenham or Gloucester numbers.   Alternatively Email us at info@taxcomute.co.uk and we will explain the process.   It is easy and straight-forward, and our team will take you through the process.  We will assess your requirements and offer you the best solution for your business.  If you are changing your 3rd party provider, we will work with them to ensure a smooth transition.  

What is included?

  1. We do everything that is required for every aspect of payroll from start to finish.

    a. Payslips
    b. All HMRC documentation
    c.  Reporting
    d. End of year returns
    e. HMRC approved software
    f. General Ledger Interface

  2. We manage the Initial set up and build a system that is right for you. We manage the transition from old to new with full system testing.
  3. We ensure all calculations are correctly made to produce pay slips. We calculate Tax and NI, Payroll giving, Pensions, SSP, SMP etc….  The calculations are validated and audited by the team before submission.
  4. We guarantee security of data and ensure secure data transfer from you to us. Full compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018.
  5. We are on hand 24/7 for any of your queries. You will have a dedicated contact who is assigned to your account.


What are the benefits of using Tax Compute as your service provider?

  • The team is supported by qualified accountants and regulated by 2 major accounting bodies. You can therefore be confident of our in-house expertise.
  • We are cost effective and competitively priced.
  • We offer a range of other outsourcing services giving greater flexibility to help grow your business.
  • We can provide a full accountancy service.


Is outsourced payroll service suitable for all businesses?

In a nutshell yes, it is.   We have clients from all sectors of business large and small.  We have experience of most SME sectors.


Is an outsourced payroll system right for your business?

We believe that when you perform a cost versus benefit analysis there are numerous advantages for outsourcing your payroll.

  1. It is cost effective for many SME’s.
  2. Payroll law is constantly evolving and changing and difficult to stay up to date with unless investing time and energy.
  3. No recruitment costs.
  4. No worry about staff leaving.
  5. Fully protected and guaranteed service.


Outsourcing payroll for SMEs

When a company starts the budget, funding and revenues may not support outsourcing in the early years.   However, as the business grows it becomes more and more attractive.   For example, a payroll of 50 employees would probably require a dedicated payroll professional at considerably greater cost than the price of outsourcing.


Why is outsourcing payroll so cost effective?

Simply because outsourcing achieves economy of scales. 

With our payroll team we are well placed to achieve:

  1. Enhanced resource management.
  2. Better planning.
  3. Cost reduction.
  4. Employ the best technology and equipment.
  5. Run payroll with limited office space.